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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bombay Plant Life

These are the only plants in Bombay. Just kidding! But I had you fooled for a second.

These plants were collected together in the parking area outside this fancy flat. So sweet and wonderful this little collection of plants. The style of the terracotta was really interesting and believe me for a second it did occur to me that I "absolutely needed" to take back some terra cotta with me. I love the tropics because you rally get to see all the things we typically consider houseplants in their natural environment.

I think this was a nursery? It was surrounding this mall near Juhu, I think. But I didn't see any attendent there. Why, If I lived in India, my God, imagine the nursery I could have! It would be like Hortus, India style!

In India, everythign get recycled into something else. Everything. Check out this little Oleander growing in a container made up of tires. Note the soil it's growing in.

PS- I didn't really take a lot of pictures of the plants around the city, because it was the dry season, and so many plants were covered in dust and sort of withered. I didn't even get a picture of the banyan trees that grew near Colaba!


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