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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crawford Veggie Market in Bombay

The Crawford market is one of the main veggie markets in Bombay- very Victorian architecture.

A lunghi drying in the sun. Men wear these comfy wraparound cloths-I didn't really see a lot of men wearing them on the street, but at this market and in Kerela, yes. I fell in love with the bold hues of blue and the plaids, and bought a few to take home to use as tablecloths. I'm sure the man who I bought them from at this store in Colaba must've thought I was this crazy American chick. I also liked the idea of using men's clothes as tablecloths, I found it nicely and subtle sort of subversive, sick puppy that I am.

I loved him! He is a market courier! When he hold up his basket with one hand, it means he is available to carry something. I also love his orange and blue combo.

It was pretty damn hot in Bombay- some vendors opted to nap a little bit. I would totally love to do this at my job- like Costanza underneath the desk!

A vendor reading a newspaper. Fruits and vegetables are gorgeous- really the jewels of the garden and table.


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