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Sunday, January 07, 2007

This Tramp Just Came Back From Switzerland Yesterday

I have to admit, I have felt like a jet setting tramp this past month and a half. I went to India for a month, went back to LA for a week, then off to Switzerland to have a holiday visit at my husband's parents in Zurich, the main city in the Swiss German part of Switzerland. I thought I was going to be blogging like a maniac while I was gone, but I surprised myself by just focusing on the moment.

So we just got back yesterday, and I'm experiencing some cranky headache-y jet lagginess, along with innapropriate cravings for red wine and espresso at all the opposite and wrong times of the day. I'm a tramp on the edge! Dare a raccoon or possum cross my path while plundering and I might snap like the twigs and pine needles that have covered my backyard!

I have more to say on India and Switzerland, gardenwise and otherwise and photos as well, and will post things a little later when I'm more refreshed and unpacked.

Cheers to 2007!


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