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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Impressions of Jaipur

Well, I"m not sure exactly what the heck happened with the photo layout, kinda funky, but...here are some some more shots. I got VERY close to a curious elephant, who was so sweet, I loved her. Watched her trainers give her some fresh makeup, 'cause girl needs to look her best. A cool yellow room with this amazing blue chandelier. I was going to stay there, but then switched rooms, thank God, because there were all these painting of old school Rajputs on the walls that would watch me when I walked around. Cows in the streets! Monkeys climbing the walls! Camels and elephants! Snake charmers! (I touched the snake, but don't think I'm so cool because he was devenomized) The original swastika before the nazis stole it. A room in another beautiful haveli inside the walls. So many beautiful colors everywhere...I wish I hadn't been working and actually got a chance to be a little bit more of a tourist. But I had a beautiful experience nonetheless.


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