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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Think About Drought Tolerant Plants

It’s been freaking hot people. Have you been watering a lot and seeing your plants buckle and wilt with the heat? If you haven’t already, start thinking of incorporating drought tolerant plants into your Cali and So Cali landscape. It doesn’t have to be all lawn and water guzzling plants to look lush and luscious! Succulents, cacti, Mediterranean plants like lavender, rosemary, and other herbs are wonderful garden staples that provide color, fragrance and usefulness with little care once established. Australian and South African plants like Proteas are wonderfully bizarre and add texture and funky focal points. Many native plants require zero care and water once established and provide a natural habitat and food for our local wildlife and insects while being absolutely adapted to the local climate. I’m not saying you have to hug a tree and eat granola, but just stop for a second and think a little about how you can use less water- and work less to boot. Which would leave you more time for drinking mojitos with your friends in the backyard and discussing the finer merits of, well.... anything!

PS- Supposedly in Los Angeles County alone, we lose 50 MILLION gallons of water a day due to RUNOFF- crazy, huh?


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