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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tomato Update!

My ANANAS NOIRE or BLACK PINEAPPLE have baby tomatoes that are growing larger day by day! Can you see how sweet and pleated they look? I've been pinching off the blossoms until the plants were larger, and now finally are just letting them go. These grew in like 4 days. Look at the babies, then look at what they'll end up being- a sort of crazy tie- dyed tomato that doesn't look quite ripe.

Also, the BIG BEEF tomato plant that my mom picked up from a large orange home improvement store because she was tired of my heirlooms last year. I did my best to not help it along, and I planted it months ago and it looked like crap...but...it's now super healthy and disease resistant. Not really a hybrid lovin' gal, but....

The NYAGOUS black tomato is coming along, but the KENTUCKY BEEFSTEAK has been dropping it's blossoms due to some extreme 87 degrees plus heat. The leaves were looking a pale green, and I made an infusion of Dr. Earth veggies fertilizer with water and fertilized it with that....I see some new growth, but I'm not sure it's liking the heat.

I'm also sorry to say I lost some recently planted cherry tomatoes- ISIS CANDY and GREEN GRAPE...due to subterranean ternites I think! They wilted for no reason, then fell over, and when I pulled them out of the ground, what looked like termite workers crawled through the stems and out. I've seen this with a couple of Aeoniums before, but never with tomatoes. Very dubious, indeed. ISIS CANDY and GREEN GRAPE rest in peace- am I never to taste your sweet succulence? Here, a pic of the grave markers:

And remember previously, my lately planted IVORY PEAR cherry tomato plants had perished due to crappy, too-much-moisture-retaining potting soil- well I replanted them in good GARDENER'S GOLD potting soil and two are doing well! Here, a pic:


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