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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Miss Chiquita The Cat

Oh the pain of heartbreak. My neighbors moved out about 2 months ago, taking with them their 2 critters, Chiquita and Mama Cat. Oh, how I miss being distracted in the garden, pleasurably neglecting all my garden duties and just plopping down on the grass to have an impromptu game of "chase the pine needle". My heart hurts. Though it pains me to look at photos...I will show these. Oh how I miss their sweet feline vibes roaming the garden, their in vain attempts at lunging after squirrels and birds, the meowing coming from the tomato plants. They gave the place some soul, some furry life. I will pour out a little compost for my homegirls who now reside in Atwater Village, not so far away from here.


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