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Monday, July 17, 2006

In Love With: Mrs. Meyers Geranium Dishwashing Liquid

I love this dishwashing liquid- it has revolutionized my life. For those of us unfortunate enough to not have dishwashers, we must resort to good old aromatherapy to get us into the kitchen sink. It smells freaking fantastic- and you can find other things in this scent- hand soap, laundry liquid, dryer sheets, glass cleaner, counter cleaner, lotion and candles. I highly recommend it. Even though it doesn't make me feel like doing housework any more than usual....

Get it at Mrs. Meyers online.

Ciao bellos!

PS- It seems sort of silly to be talking about something as trivial and small as dishwashing liquid given all the intensity and shit that is happening in Lebanon right now...we are so spoiled, we Americans...how silly...pretty smelling dishwashing liquid when there is no clean water and the country has been bombed to shit...


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