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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Summer 2006 - It's A Wrap, People

Every spring season starts out with so much hope and anticipation- the glorious harvests, the orgies of tomatoes, the idea that somehow THIS year will be the year when everything goes right, nothing succumbs to pests and diseases, and everything will flourish in abundance. Seeds will be started on time, transplanted in time, everything will be done in a timely fashion. That's how I felt when I started this seasons little crops. Alas, the results were not always what I expected....

Tomatoes- pictured above as seedlings:
GREEN GRAPE and ISIS CANDY- Unfortunately these were eaten by eaten by ground termites and replaced with SUNGOLD and SWEET 100 hybrids from the nursery. The replacements have a fusarium wilt, but are holding on and producing a small crop of cherry tomatoes. I hope they ripen up before the wilt gets 'em or the critters do.

KENTUCKY BEEFSTEAK- I was kind of looking forward to this orange beefsteak tomato, but unfortunately I remembered too late that I planted it in an area that had sunflowers last year. Sunflowers are allelopathic, and the beefsteak flourished briefly then just sort of sucked. It currently has a fusarium wilt, and I have to get rid of that sucker.

ANANAS NOIRE/BLACK PINEAPPLE- This is my favorite tomato this year. Because it's really the only heirloom tomato I got to eat before they attack of the tomato killers. But it was actually really good. The animals thought so, too, though I managed to save most of them. But of course, the hugest one, which was like 6.5 inches was chomped on. They shall rue the day. They shall rue the day...

NYAGOUS-I can't really say I know what happened with this tom. It was doing fine, then it dropped a lot of blossoms during our intense summer heat, but managed to produce one. Which got eaten by an animal. Bummer man, I really love black tomatoes.

BLACK KRIM-This one is in my front yard, transplanted during intense heat (a no-no), but it's doing fine, and I'm waiting for tomatoes. I looooove black tomatoes.

BRANDY BOY- I got this off of Craig's list. Another tomato obsessed person was giving away little seedlings, and was kind enough to drop one by. It was 2 inches tall- I grew it and gave it to my neighbor, even though I had planned to put it in the frony yard and have a little tomato farm. Alas, that did not happen...

Lettuces- little baby sproutlings pictured above:
MIGNONETTE BRONZE and CIMARRON- Hmmm. Let me tell you now that I'm not perfect. I started them in cell packs from seed...and kind of lost interest when it got hot...Lettuce is much better grown in the winter, in my opinion.

CHINESE RED NOODLE BEANS- I will grow this one again next year. And I want everyone else to grow it, too!

CHEROKEE TRAIL OF TEARS- The rest of the seeds in the pack will be given to friends as a faux act of kindness. But I will shuck the pods I've grown and make a soup with the beans.

PURPLE JALAPENOS- My transplants perished due to cheap a** potting soil. I managed to save one plant and grew it in a pot, but then the raccoons or possums or whatever the hell they were ate my jalapeƱos. And I was so looking forward to these, too...next year. Deep sigh.

LEMON CUCUMBERS--(pictured above at left) I did manage to get a few, and they are delish, if a bit seedy. I'm tired of these, so next year I'll probably grow Persian or Armenian cucumbers, those wonderful sweet ones that you get at Jons Supermarket. They are scrumptilicious with French Feta and lavash for a quick summer snack.

EARLY FRAME PRESCOTT MELONS- I'm really not good with cucurbits..this melon story ended in them growing a couple feet, being attacked by aphids. I ripped them out this week, and noticed the presence of nematodes. Chin up! I will try again next year.

EGGPLANT- The transplants were given to me by my friend's father-in-law, and avid gardener. I gave one plant away, but got three eggplants from this shrub. They are beautiful plants when healthy...and they usually make my tongue itch, but these were so fresh and spectacular.

Though this season was basically a complete wash- the good news is that I've found some new gardening music: Eagles of Death Metal 'Death By Sexy' and Daniel Persson Awwwwww, yeah!


At 05 September, 2006 18:14, Blogger Bomb Bay said...

yo, are you gonna grow some weed? fool!

At 05 September, 2006 19:23, Anonymous Hanna in Cleveland said...

Chinese Red Noodle Beans, eh? I have never heard of them, but if you think everybody should grow them, they must be tasty. I think I will add them to my possible selections for next year. Thanks!

At 14 September, 2006 01:17, Blogger Tiana said...

It's so bittersweet! All the hard work you've put into this Summer's garden and now it's all coming to an end. Well my friend...we've learned, we've grown, and we've certainly ate well!

By the way...your blog ROCKS! It's the best I've read yet!


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