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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wanna See My Melons?

I think one of main reasons to grow melons is to be able to say "Wanna see my big juicy melons?" I mean really, how can one resist? This is all coming from a little Size A chica. Wanna check out my lemons?

Anyway- here's some shots of my Early Frame Prescott melons- a smaller warted melon- grown from organic seed of course. (The wet brown stuff on the leaves is liquid seaweed and liquid Dr. Earth fertilizer). It's a variety suitable for trellising, as long as you support the growing melons with a sling or something similar. I made bamboo teepees and plan to add horizontal levels on as they grow. We'll see about the slings....challenging? I gave a few seedlings away to friends, and I'm personally so excited to grow them this year. They are so jolie-laide!! And I'm also not very good with curcurbits, you see, which makes it all the more challenging. They get powdery mildew and poop out on me. But I'm spraying the foliage with seaweed emulsion to help combat any fungal foliage pathogens and they look pretty healthy so far. I'm so in love with the foliage....and I'm already sensing a mushy love phase with all things melon. Check out the Victor Schrager and Amy Goldman book on melons- the photography and styling is amazing. I wish I had all the room in the world for more melons...too bad we agreed to plant a lawn to accommodate that little badminton habit....

I need a farm...


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