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Monday, August 28, 2006

Goodbye Los Angeles Palm Trees?

Are we losing Los Angeles Palm Trees to age and disease? And do we care? Some excerpts from this Los Angeles City Beat Article on Los Angeles' diminishing iconic palm trees: Native Plant displacement...biological xenophobia...Department of Parks and Recreation...Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Million Trees Los Angeles Initiative...like the palm, few Angelenos are native...distinctive identity of Los Angeles...manmade oasis....

I have to say, back in the day I used to really dislike LA's palm trees, thinking them overated somehow and really cliché. Years later I appreciate their silhouette across the LA skyline. There's something so soothing about their iconic qualities, and the long swaying skinny Washingtonia and the shorter little fattie feather palms whose botanical name I never remember. My backyard overlooks a little valley dotted with Italian cypress and little tufts of palm tree heads. It's really true California.


At 29 August, 2006 17:38, Blogger steven said...

I can't imagine LA without palm trees. Palm Trees and Poison Oak are the two iconic plants of LA in my mind.

At 30 August, 2006 11:23, Blogger Bomb Bay said...

Rats love Palm trees too.
Imagine an LA without rats!

Turning a negative into a positive, one comment at a time!

At 30 August, 2006 18:21, Blogger steven said...

And Coyotes love rats!

At 30 August, 2006 21:53, Blogger Loretta said...

Palm trees are soooo iconic LA! I don't think I've sen too many rats in LA, but I've seen plenty of coyotes!

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