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Friday, August 04, 2006

Earthworms and LA Sub-Vermiculture

Please don't tell me you are afraid of wormies. These blessed creatures aerate the soil, improve water absorption and permeability. Their castings are nutrient rich. They improve soil fertility by moving minerals up from deep in the earth. Bacteria in their stomachs help break down chemicals and other organic wastes. I could go on and on, but I'm know there are much better sources of this info, and you don't need to hear it from my sleepy self. You just can't party like a rock star for 7 nights in a row, go to work during the day and expect to come up with something coherent to say when you are 35. So I'm just going to yadda yadda the rest of that paragraph.

But how 'bout this-did you ever think you could ever be able to say that you were the proud owner of a box of hermaphrodites? LA County Department of Public Works offers free workshops in worm composting, and also offers worm bins plus some Red Wiggler worms and compost bins at discounted prices.

Nighty night!


At 04 August, 2006 19:46, Blogger Tiana said...

Oh sleepy worm farmer you...I have a feeling the birds that have been visiting my garden have been eating some of my earthworms because they definitely are leaving with something lodged between their beaks. Now that it's the weekend I have to do some damage control and setup some bird deterrents.

You get some rest sleepy head! I'll call you this weekend sometime.

At 16 August, 2006 18:46, Blogger Christa said...

I love worms! I love finding them in a fresh pile of compost and adding them to my garden plot. I feel awful when I accidently cut one in half when I'm digging with my shovel -- Oh, I feel terrible when that happens!

At 17 August, 2006 11:04, Blogger Loretta said...

I know they just squirm around, it's very sad. : ( But one half will regenerate. The whole experience is very brutal, though. Poor wormies. Poor little critters.

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