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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whatchu Think About Tomatoes?

Here's your chance to tell people what you always been dying to about your fave tomaters if you are growing them in southern cali. Reply to Yvonne Savio's blog by August 20. Yeah, hmmm, yeah, I'd love to write something and give a taste critique of say, oh, any one of my tomatoes, except that....um, hmmmm, oh, I HAVEN'T HARVESTED ONE FREAKING TOMATO! I could say something about the tomatoes from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods or the farmer's market, perhaps. Or perhaps the tomatoes from the little store on the corner. All I can say right now is, those tomatoes in my backyard better ripen up soon-my whole reputation is at stake!

Also going on next Sunday August 13th is an heirloom tomato taste testing at the LA County Aboretum in Arcadia. Of course, I can't make it to that because I'll be going out of town that weekend. It appears that the Tomato Faeries are not looking out for me this summer.



At 15 August, 2006 23:02, Blogger 4iworx said...

Speaking of tomato faeries, Kirsten's tomatos have also been neglected. Perhaps the tomato faeries have joined tooth local 339 in a general strike. You know, faerie solidarity. Anyway, in the past month she's seen one freakin' tomato and its about the size of a cherry. A sad green cherry hanging limply from a sad little plant. She's trying the Dr. Earth now so we shall see.

On heirlooms... we had one on sandwiches a couple of weekends ago and it was amazing. I don't know much about tomatos of any kind, but I know good when I taste it.

Love the blog. Later.


At 18 August, 2006 17:57, Blogger Loretta said...

Did she replant the tomatoes into larger pots? Let us try to conjure up tomato faeries to bless us all!

Hi, Cleveland- thanks for the shout!

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