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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Say No To Cheap A** Potting Soil

Mama's pissed. I didn't have the time to swing by my usual nursery, Sunset Nursery, where the vibes are good and there's always plenty of willing staff and great selection--and was in the neighborhood of a local home improvement store. I need to repot those little IVORY PEAR, REISENTRAUBE, and YELLOW PEAR tomatoes, as well as all my PURPLE JALAPENOS into larger containers real bad. So I bought a bag of the cheap stuff, which apparently turned out to be the shwag of potting soils. I repotted all my plants and they totally damped off on me and craoked! Damping off is a term for a fungal infection that affects new seedlings, and basically they just die. It exists in the soil, which is one of the reasons you should use a high quality sterilized potting soil.

I highly recommend GARDENER'S GOLD organic potting soil (visual provided so you can easily spot it)- it's my favorite and available at Sunset Nursery. Rich and dark, smells terrific and has the perfect weight and organic matter particle size- you can even use it to start seeds. I highly recommend it. Also Master Nursery potting soil is a good quality organic potting soil- you can get that at Burkhard Nursery in Pasadena.

Learn from my mistakes. Amen.


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