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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Distractions (Away From The Garden) Abound

Nothing...can distract like a cat can distract. Last weekend and a couple of days before and after we've been catsitting the cats that used to frolic in our backyard and "belong" to our landlady. (Really, "owners" "belong" to their cats.) Oh, how I missed them! The little furball explosions of movement chasing squirrels in the backyard. How you never really get anything done when they are around, because you end up just plopping on the ground to have a love session. Oh, and the feeling of cat hair sticking to my lipgloss. You can see why I've been distracted. Then early last week I had to jet to Palm Springs for some last minute work stuff (I don't want to say anything, but international art counterfeiting rings plays a role. Shhhh.) Then it was my husbands birthday and I had a lasagna request to fulfill. Phew!

It just seems for the past few weeks with the combination of a frenetic work happenings, general googly-brainedness and even some debauchery and just plain life in general, I haven't really gotten to the garden lately. Oh, I look at it from inside the house and outside. I ponder it, plan it, think about it and manage to feel a little bit guilty while leftover crops lanquish and call out for my attention. I've even started seeds that are growing mightily. But it just seems I haven't made it out there to clean up the beds in preparation for the cooler weather and our Californian Winter. The temps have been dropping at night- down to 60 degrees! BBBrrrrrrr. Angelenos have it rough!


At 20 October, 2006 23:12, Blogger Tiana said...

Glad to see you were granted visitation rights. I know how you missed your kitty friends. BTW...we need to get together Missy!

Much Love,

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