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Friday, August 03, 2007

Vamos å Miami!!

A couple weeks ago I went to Miami for four days. The sun, the ocean, the splendor! I was amazed by the clear warm water and pale sands- amazing! Although I hear Miami has the largets percentage of sharks in the US, so while I was in the ocean I was constantly scanning the water for fins, and trying to keep myself surrounded by a human barrier of unsuspecting , innocent swimmers to get eaten first. And so much skin everywhere in the city! I busted it out Miami playa style in a special golden leopard print bikini that my husband said made me look like a stripper. Wait, don't boys like strippers?

Clear clear water, wish I was there...

Rococo clouds made just for you..

Celestial sunsets...

sometimes on fire...

When night falls the city lights make everything magic.


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