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Friday, September 08, 2006

Tracy Powell: My Favorite Photographer

This weekend, I'm so pleased, my favorite photographer to emerge this decade, Tracy Powell is having a show at Bergamot Station. I've been a fan and following her work for quite some time- I think I met her once at a party, an introspective, yet rowdy type. I think she said she was a Sagittarius-and if I'm not mistaken I think that's her on the lower right side of the LA Weekly cover. Anyway, the show promises to be good, with many other talents as well. The show is at Bergamot Station complex. 2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg C-1 Santa Monica, CA 90404 at the Track 16 Gallery.

So they say in the LA Weekly :

" The influence of Catherine Opie on the young photographers of UCLA is visible most notably in a conscientious attention to place. Tracy Powell, one of the most accomplished of those photographers, describes her own project in abstract terms — as an exploration of “the sublime space between where nature begins and civilization ends” — but it is the quality of this attention that distinguishes the work, anchoring her poetic instinct in concrete terms: in the subtle reflections on the surface of water, the entanglement of trees and sky, and the geometry of local architecture.

A child of the military, Powell moved frequently while growing up and sees her work now reflecting that experience of constant exploration. “My photographs are about moments found in the midst of journeys,” she says. “There is no distinct separation between bodies of work, no matter where the photographs originated.” Given the sheer beauty of these locales, with their glassy lakes and cloud-skirted hills, it’s an enviable job, this journeying. But photographs of this caliber may the next best thing. And in some ways, they’re even better."

PS-Hopefully, it's okay to use this photograph and she won't kick my a** in a dark alley one day.


At 09 September, 2006 06:26, Anonymous Stuart said...

Hello Loretta. Thanks for dropping by.

You are right to admire this photo. What an excellent picture! I too appreciate great photographs, mainly because mine leave a lot to be desired.

Great blog. Stick around...

At 09 September, 2006 17:06, Blogger Bomb Bay said...

if you don't see this show.. you can be sure you are a loser!

At 11 September, 2006 12:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for all the support!
p.s. This is my favorite blog!

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